About Zest Automation

Our mission is to deliver best-in-class, industry-leading instrument & control systems, that are ultra-reliable, intuitive and truly suited to our customers needs.

Zest Automation consists of a dedicated team of engineers focussed on delivering quality instrumentation & control systems which enhance safety, production and operability of plants across various industries.

What makes us different:

Value - We keep project headcount and hours low by leveraging highly experienced experts.  This approach equates to better designs, minimal rework and ultimately lower project budgets.

Responsive - Our adaptable teams are focused and responsive.  We are dedicated to a small number of customers and know their systems inside out.  Our customers problems are our priority.

Flexible - We are not weighed down by large company systems or politics.  We drive straight to the core of issues and consistently deliver on time to tight deadlines.

Independent - We are not tied to any particular technologies or products.  Hence we are free to design the best possible systems to truly suit our customers needs.

Diligent - We care deeply about the quality of the systems we deliver to our customers.  We are prepared to question the status quo and break precedent where its in their best interest.