Crowdfunding Mopra telescope

Zest Automation is proud to have pledged money to a Crowdfunding campaign to save the Mopra telescope.

The 22m diameter Mopra telescope is located in regional New South Wales.  It is special because of its ability to record high frequency radio emissions from giant clouds of molecular gas in space.  Its location makes it the only telescope capable of performing this survey in the fourth quadrant of our galaxy (the Southern Milk Way).

It is presently 4 years into surveying specific interstellar clouds, which will help scientists understand more about the birth and death of stars and the recycling of their matter.  Due to budget cuts, the telescope would shortly have to shut down, leaving a significant part of our galaxy unexplored.

Zest Automation is proud to be contributing to the continuation of this project.  We see great potential in assisting scientists discover such phenomena as these can lead to as-yet unrealised benefits for humanity and jobs for future generations of Engineers.