• Narc Dive Club Annual Cleanup - Rottnest Island

    Zest Automation are proud sponsors and participants in the annual underwater clean-up organised by the Narc Dive Club.  This year it was held at Rottnest Island performing both underwater and land clean-ups in Thomson Bay, Geordie Bay and Longreach Bay.  Approximately 790kg of rubbish was removed.  This is down on other hauls at other locations around Perth in previous years.  Great to see there isn\'t as much rubbish on Rotto!

  • Crowdfunding Mopra telescope

    Zest Automation is proud to have pledged money to a Crowdfunding campaign to save the Mopra telescope.

    The 22m diameter Mopra telescope is located in regional New South Wales.  It is special because of its ability to record high frequency radio emissions from giant clouds of molecular gas in space.  Its location makes it the only telescope capable of performing this survey in the fourth quadrant of our galaxy (the Southern Milk Way).

    It is presently 4 years into surveying specific interstellar clouds, which will help scientists understand more about the birth and death of stars and the recycling of their matter.  Due to budget cuts, the telescope would shortly have to shut down, leaving a significant part of our galaxy unexplored.

    Zest Automation is proud to be contributing to the continuation of this project.  We see great potential in assisting scientists discover such phenomena as these can lead to as-yet unrealised benefits for humanity and jobs for future generations of Engineers.

  • ISO 9001 certification

    Zest Automation has operated under the ISO 9001 quality management system and maintained certification for 6 consecutive years.  We have recently decided to manage our own Quality System internally.  This is built on the knowledge of previous formal certifications.  Our team continuously maintains and builds on this experience to ensure best practises are being met.

  • Zest celebrates its 6th Birthday

    Started in 2010 by its two co-founders, Zest Automation has thrived over the last 5 years. Highlights include numerous complex system cutovers completed withou incident, achieving ISO certification and growing the engineering team.

    We look forward to continuing to deliver real value for our customers and pursuing our passion for challenging and complex projects.

  • Zest successfully completes shutdown in China

    Zest Automation has successfully completed a challenging shutdown for an offshore oil platform in Bohai Bay, China. The shutdown involved the cold cutover of the Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), executed in a constrained timeframe in order to minimise downtime. The success of this project can be attributed to careful and meticulous planning, a close working relationship with the customer and a flexible, proactive engineering team.

    Zest delivered true value to the customer by minimising their offshore footprint and personnel on board, during a busy shutdown. Additionally the shutdown scope was completed with no HSE issues and the new system started up without incident.