Track Record

  • 35kV Subsea Power Cables - PetroChina

    This offshore facility contains over 110 production wells, each with Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs).  There is also a combined total of 5500kW of Injection Water pumps and approximately 2000kW of heat tracing during the winter months.  Although having 4 Solar Taurus 60 Gas Turbine Generators (GTGs), the facility was experiencing production limitations due to the available power.

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  • Oil Pipeline Installation - ROC Oil, ZhaoDong Facility

    Brownfield Upgrades

    Prior to the installation of this pipeline, all crude oil from the facility was stored in large tanks and transported to shore by barge.  Bad weather would mean the barges couldn't safely arrive and if the tanks became full the facility had to be shut in.  A subsea oil pipeline was installed, along with two variable speed, Wood Group / GE pumps and custody transfer metering on the facility.

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  • Water Injection Pump Replacement, ROC Oil

    Injection Pumps

    This project involved the installation of 5 new 1100kW injection water pumps, each with a capacity of 37 000 Barrels per day.  Supplying approximately 45 injection wells throughout the facility, the old pumps were experiencing capacity limitations and they were plagued with reliability issues.

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Zest Automation has successfully executed dozens of complex and challenging projects.  The project examples below are a selection of how we deliver real value to the customer.