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The Zest Difference

We have broad experience in developing Control System solutions for installations throughout Australia and Asia.  Our emphasis is on intuitive and rock-solid, robust solutions.


As a vendor-neutral systems integrator, Zest Automation advocates flexible, open technologies so our customers are not bound to a specific vendor for support and maintenance. Our focus is on the best solution, rather than pushing a product we sell. Utilising readily available, industry-proven hardware and software ensure our clients won’t find themselves trapped with a system where expertise and support are limited.

Our systems are not locked down and they use hardware and software that can be sourced directly from the supplier. Knowing our clients are free to utilise the services of other systems integrators, we have a strong emphasis on follow-up support and providing value to our clients.


Zest Automation can assess your existing systems for hardware and software obsolescence.

We have significant experience in migrating legacy systems to supported technologies (brownfield upgrades). We can assist you in sourcing legacy hardware and advise when the risks associated with maintaining the legacy system outweigh the upgrade costs.

We understand that extended shutdowns can have production losses far outweighing the cost of the upgrade itself. Our people have vast experience with system migrations and where the risk is tolerable we can perform these online.


We focus on reliable, time-proven technologies. Sometimes those latest and greatest features promoted by various vendors lead to more problems than their worth. Our emphasis is on robust, time-proven solutions that are significantly less vulnerable to failure. These inherently provide superior safety and increased revenue through fewer process interruptions, along with minimising those never-popular late-night call outs!

Some modern computing systems continue to encounter catastrophic software failures causing significant disruption to our everyday lives. It is not uncommon to hear of ticketing systems, financial systems or air travel systems failing and their accompanied losses and inconvenience to their customers. This is not acceptable in a large industrial facility where safety and reliability are paramount. Our focus is on mitigating any risks associated with software upgrades and only performing them when necessary and safe.


We support systems across continents. With the correct procedures in place, we routinely perform online changes remotely. This requires an increased assessment of the consequences of something going wrong and a very high degree of trust with our clients. We also emphasise and provide training to our clients’ personnel so they become self-sufficient. Our team is just a phone call or Internet connection away for your comprehensive online support.


Zest Automation prides itself on implementing leading-edge control solutions, without compromising reliability.  We produce highly functional, intuitive displays and control algorithms, using only time-proven technologies.  We also thoroughly document and our ongoing support is uncompromising.

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Our mission is to deliver best-in-class, industry-leading instrument & control systems, that are ultra-reliable, intuitive and truly suited to our customers needs.


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